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​​​​Yuri Leontyev​ ​ ​​

I’m a SharePoint Team Lead / Architect  with 8+ years experience​ in IT, 6 of which in the SharePoint world. My principle is to provide top notch quality in every piece of work. This is why I always try to clarify the unclear/ambiguous issues to avoid surprises and see if I can suggest a more suitable solution. On each new project I combine tested solutions with new – looking for reusable patterns, more elegant and straightforward code or decreasing the amount of development time. I follow a number of blogs to learn new things and keep track of software industry trends. Every time I’m reading a technical book, a post or an article I pause to think how these ideas can be applied to my everyday work.

In my free time I enjoy snowboarding, riding mountain bike, playing & watching football and traveling to new places. For relaxing, quiet time I prefer reading books (primary sci-fi), watching movies, and playing video games.​

​​Ilia Sokolov



​Past Members

​Alexander Krupsky

​​I’m a SharePoint Team Lead with a 4-year experience in .Net-based application design. I have been involved in a number of various projects taking part in most phases of software development life cycle. My IT career has begun with bigger quite complex projects which have acquainted me with a wide range of architectural solutions and formed the understanding of management process within a development team. The shorter projects have provided me with opportunities to experiment with assorted technologies and methodologies.profile for Alexander at SharePoint, Q&A for SharePoint enthusiasts